Competence Centre

Neotec SA offers a wide range of services under one roof. Our infrastructure allows us to carry out complete or partial mandates, thus relieving our clients of the tedious organisational tasks associated with the management of one or more projects.

Automation and machinery

Neotec SA is a manufacturer of metalworking machines for deformation, material removal and stamping. We manufacture drawing benches, wire drawing machines, laboratory presses, 3-axis vertical lathes and profile brushing machines

Neotec SA also offers equipment upgrades and overhauls with safety adaptations according to current standards, rebuilding of mechanical parts, sheet metal work and painting.

Technical office

Our technical office is able to develop prototypes according to the wishes of our customers. The 3D design of projects allows the future machine or plant to be visualised and simulated during the planning phase so that a minimum of adjustments are required during construction.

On request, we can produce computerised drawings of old plants and machines or design orders.

Precision mechanics

Neotec SA is able to offer you subcontracting for turning, milling, grinding and assembly.

Industrial locksmithing

In cooperation with our partners, we can offer you welded assemblies in our services.

Production of mechanically welded assemblies, bending, welding, prefabricated piping.